Sunday, April 29, 2007

Miss Syd and Mr. J

I am currently editing clients pictures and I have to say, these pics of Miss Syd and Mr. J are putting the biggest smile on my face! Honestly these two were the cutest stinkin' kids, it was one of those sessions where everything was right on point, including the adorable brother and sister relationship between these two!

I have taken pics of Miss Syd before, their mom has been an awesome supporter of mine since the first time she came to me and for that I am so grateful! This little girl has the most amazing face and posture. I love the way she looks right into the lens, it is as if there is no lens between us and she is staring right into my eyes. She has that old soul look about her.

This is the first time Mr. J has been by and I can't wait until he comes again! What a nut!!! He had such sparkly eyes and was quick to smile and chat with me. I love the way both of these children sit and their body positions and leg positions.

I am a big fan of the white background when I shoot, the contrast is very interesting to me and I feel like it really brings more of the subject out, the eyes in particular. But when I do switch it up and toss in a funky fun color it is a nice breath of fresh air. Mr. J was perfect on this apple green with his dark hair and blue and white stripes.
Their mom is going to have another baby and I'm looking forward to doing some maternity shots and pictures of them with their new sibling in the fall!
I'm sure it will be a blast :)
Thanks again you two for making me smile!

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