Sunday, September 23, 2007

Home Sweet Home

No words to describe my adoration for this family :)
I love you guys!!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Go Utes!

Okay seriously stop growing up!!!
In a flash time flies by and these little people arrive and suddenly they aren't so little anymore....and they have a new baby sister to boot!
What a fun family this is, and Ute fans too!
I can't believe how big the girls are and how much hair "L" has now. I wish I had a camera to get mom and her silliness in the background, next time I need to turn the camera on her....they definitely get their goofiness from their darling mom! And dad was so great at leading them in a "GO SWOOP" cheer.
Don't grow up too much before you return girls :)

Beautiful Day in the Mountains

Despite the heat these three sisters and their families and their darling dad and his wife were amazing! No one complained (at least not out loud!!) as we hiked all over, braving ants and crumbling tree trunks and all sorts of buzzing little insects. They were even game for climbing up on an amazing boulder for some fun shots.
I don't get the chance to work with teenagers very often and I LOVED it! I would have loved to done individual shots with each one of them. The guys pretended that they were so put out to have to have their pictures taken but they were the ones that came up with the greatest ideas for shots with them in it. I particulary loved the shot of all the boy cousins in the tree with their grandpa. When they suggested it I don't think they thought I would actually make them do it!
The whole shoot was amazing, and despite my issues with the heat and sweating profusely, I think everybody had a good time :)

How Could I Forget!!!

I can't believe I forgot to post pics of my crazy little "Harmony" girls!! I adore these girls and always get excited when they're coming to visit. Since their last visit they have added another little sister to the family and soon a little brother will be on the way!
Big sister "O" makes me laugh out loud! You never know what is going to come out her mouth and "A" follows right along. It's kids like these that make my job the best!!I've posted more pics of them on my photography website.
Thanks girls :)


When a family gets out of a car dressed like this you grab your camera and shoot for all you're worth!
I adore this family, the mom should be a model hands down. And little "P" and "T" are breathtaking with those dark eyes and gorgeous hair. This was the first time I met dad and despite our later start with the photo shoot they all handled it like pros and we got wonderful shots.
I look forward to you coming to visit next time you are in town!