Wednesday, June 27, 2007

I Do

What a wonderful thing it is to be a part of a wedding, to be able to photograph the joy, the beauty, the stolen glances between a couple deeply in love as they take on such an important commitment to one another.

To be the fly on the wall, moving in and out of the different groupings as the day builds. The groom was such a nice guy with a hilarious big family that I adored working with. The mother of the groom was so proud of her sons "Just look at my four handsome sons!"

The bride was so relaxed and looked amazing! Her dress was simple and elegant, her sweet little neice was her Aunties "everything" which the little girl would proudly tell you! She was her flower girl, ring bearer and maid of honor.

Thank you to everyone for letting me be a part of your special day and trusting me to catch the moments you will keep for a lifetime!

Sunday, June 3, 2007

Oh Baby!

Oooooooooooh Baby J you make me squeal you are so yummy!! And your mommy is also beautiful with a beautiful serene expression, you can tell she is a wonderful mother.

This family and extended family have been so much fun to work with over the last year and a half. I can honestly say that I have loved photographing all of them and always look forward to their return! I also have told Baby J's mom that I feel that I think it is only right I become an honorary member of their family now so hopefully they have foom for one more!! :)

Sweetest Sisters

There is something so wonderful about sisters. The way they look to each other for comfort and mothering but at the same time want to maintain this independence!
These sisters were so beautiful, such different coloring and mannerisims from one another, and such a cute bond.

Syd had a wonderful twinkle in her eye and her hair....GORGEOUS!!!
She brought this wonderful stuffed tiger that had been by her side since she was just little, that sweet little tiger had been given lots of love from his owner.

And sweet Chloe loved to read, something she picked up from big sis!

Thank you for coming girls and I look forward to seeing you again and being able to watch you grow!!

100% Boy!!

This little guy was so smiley and such a boy!! He cracked me up with his big dimpled grin.

Boys are always so interesting to take pictures of, they don't want to sit, they want to stay busy! They want to explore and touch and see how things work. When we took Mr. M outside he loved the dirt and rocks.

He also loved running for his car flashing me that big grin and calling out "Good bye!"

What a character!

A Work of Art

I was telling E's mom today how much I adore taking her pictures. For some reason they always end up looking like a work of art to me, the way she positions herself and the expressions on her face.

When I look at her pictures I can imagine what she will look like when she is a young adult.

Right now this little one is into dressups and pretending to be wonderful Princesses in faraway lands...

The sparkle in her eyes when we brought out the dress up box was wonderful!

Can't wait to see you again E!!