Sunday, April 29, 2007

Miss Syd and Mr. J

I am currently editing clients pictures and I have to say, these pics of Miss Syd and Mr. J are putting the biggest smile on my face! Honestly these two were the cutest stinkin' kids, it was one of those sessions where everything was right on point, including the adorable brother and sister relationship between these two!

I have taken pics of Miss Syd before, their mom has been an awesome supporter of mine since the first time she came to me and for that I am so grateful! This little girl has the most amazing face and posture. I love the way she looks right into the lens, it is as if there is no lens between us and she is staring right into my eyes. She has that old soul look about her.

This is the first time Mr. J has been by and I can't wait until he comes again! What a nut!!! He had such sparkly eyes and was quick to smile and chat with me. I love the way both of these children sit and their body positions and leg positions.

I am a big fan of the white background when I shoot, the contrast is very interesting to me and I feel like it really brings more of the subject out, the eyes in particular. But when I do switch it up and toss in a funky fun color it is a nice breath of fresh air. Mr. J was perfect on this apple green with his dark hair and blue and white stripes.
Their mom is going to have another baby and I'm looking forward to doing some maternity shots and pictures of them with their new sibling in the fall!
I'm sure it will be a blast :)
Thanks again you two for making me smile!

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Little Ones Becoming Big Ones!

What a beautiful day it was today! The weather was gorgeous and I had two of my little favorites return for photoshoots.
This little one is so sweet. The first time he came for pictures I told his parents that he reminded me of a wee small puppet! And I'm happy to say that even though he is now six months old he is still that same wonderful wee small puppet.

What an expressive face and big inquistive eyes, he always makes me wonder what he is thinking as he takes in his surroundings. I loved watching him flip his pacifier around, only to get it back in his fist to start the game over again. His parents are the neatest couple, so patient and loving with him they are a joy to work with anytime!

My second little girl is already one! It seems like she was just this little baby, and while she is still this petite little thing she is such a big girl. Close to walking, sweet little pierced ears and stunning blue eyes.

Her dad was making me laugh today at his inability to convince mom that photos was a mom and daughter thing on Saturday and golf was a dad thing on Saturday! And despite his desire to be hitting the links instead of coaxing his little girl to smile he was still a great sport and support to his family!
Thanks to you both and to your sweet little girl!

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Twins Glorious Twins

How did they grow up so fast?

I'm not sure I approve of this! I have been photographing these little monkeys since they were born, when no one could tell them apart! Now they are these two seperate little guys with distinct personalities who I have advised my daughters to stake a claim on right now for future husbands!!

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

A New Day In The Garden

It's a brand new day in the garden as I try to set up my new home here at blogspot, moving around the furniture, painting the walls....trying to get this blog to feel more like "me".

This past weekend I had the pleasure of doing a spontaneous photoshoot for a little girl who is turning six and needed an invitation created for her party! The theme is "Day at the Races" where her fantastic mom has incorporated all things Churchill Downs into a birthday party, fancy derby hats, white gloves, winning ponies......

I absolutely adored taking pictures of this little girl because she was up for anything, no matter how silly!!

One thing I have really loved is being asked to design birth announcements or invites. It is so much fun to bring it all together and create a "feel" for an special event. This is the final invite, minus the personal information, as I wouldn't want to post this info for the world to see! I loved the way it turned out, the writing was done in pink and black with a bold style and her name in a more flowing font with elements of a real race day tossed in for fun!