Saturday, July 21, 2007


As if it didn't get cute enough with one child....they went and added two more to the mix! Such a cute family, I am amazed by how much the twins have grown since their last visit and I still cannot tell them apart and have come to the conclusion I probably never will!!!

Nine months and so happy, as well as entertained by big sister Kinners. "K" You are the BEST BEST storyteller in all the land, your big imagination and vocabulary need to be caught on tape and perserved forever. You have such a classic look about you I tell your mom all the time how much you remind me of "Old Hollywood" and the classic screen stars.

One of my favorite things about the photo shoot was watching these two little beauties enjoying nature. They had handfuls of bark and dirt all over their sweet white dresses, flowers in their mouths and their ten sweet little toes being tickled by grass.

Try not to grow up too much before I see you again!!

Friday, July 20, 2007

Little Boy(s) Blue

In my world filled with little girls it is always fun to get a chance to photograph some boys!

I love how different they are from girls, the way they get focused on things and are so intense about it. Their sensitivity and silly side that goes from silly to downright goofy in a split second.

These boys were so fun to work with. The older "C" was darling, talking so sweetly to his brother, asking him to come over so he could read him book and trying to get the little one comfortable. I looked at their cute mother and said "He is soooooooo sweet! Is he always like this?" And her reply was "No!" and we both started laughing.

The littler "C" had the most wonderful expression. I loved his big eyes and his cute spikey hair. I particulary loved this candid shot when mom reached in to tweak his ear to get him to smile! What a fun picture for the boys to have as they grow up :)

Boys are also fantastic outside! Running, playing, using bark as a creative mask....

What a great day this was and these boys are welcome back anytime!
Thanks :)

Monday, July 9, 2007

What would I do without Miss "E" to brighten up my photography day! I love being the "C" families "exclusive photographer" ;) and I hope you will always come to see me when you are in town!!

Watching Little "S" grow has been so fun, what a beauty. And what can we say about Miss "E".....despite never wanting to have her picture taken she just glows on film with those amazing eyes and that smile.

This was the first time I've been able to do a photoshoot with dad so it was fun to have him in on the action and get some family shots!

Thanks again for a fun day and I hope you are all staying cool and out of the Arizona sun :)

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Fantastic Four!

Four fantastic personalities rolled into one family!
This was their first time visitng me for a photo shoot and I could not have enjoyed it more. We actually had a split session and I wasn't sure they were going to be so happy to come back for more but they were!!

What fun kids, each one so different. The boys were close, you could see that "we're the boys we must ban together!" bond between them. It was so funny to see the relationship of J with his sisters. When posing with big sister A he was accomadating and did what he needed to do but when time came to pose with little sister S suddenly he couldn't stand still. Heaven forbid he get some sort of little sister cooties!!

I just adore her body position on this second one, determined that she will snuggle him no matter what!

It's families like this that make my job so fun!

You Make Me Smile

I had a really good time with the "R" family. Despite the chaos around my home at the time they came in and made me smile!

It is so fun getting to watch these children grow. I remember when Big M came into the world way to early and now he is this gorgeous little boy with the most kissable lips I have ever seen.

And Mr. C is a hoot. I about fell over when they brought in this fantastic fireman outfit complete with the firetruck...a photographers dream!! I loved his serious face as he worked the hose and called in backups to help with the fire.

A joy as always to work with and I look forward to watching the little ones grow :)

Monday, July 2, 2007

One of a kind

Tay Tay you are one of a kind! Your classic expressions and enthusiasm are two things I hope you keep for your whole life!

I know your cute mom was worried that we wouldn't get any pictures of you without a goofy face but we did and they are beautiful!

Everytime you come to see me I end up talking about your crazy antics until you come to visit again. I hope to see you again soon :)