Thursday, June 5, 2008

Current Status!

Currently I have been taking a hiatus to focus on my pregnancy and family. I have not made any firm decisions about when I will be back behind the camera with clients...but in the meantime I still continue to take photographs and will have updates on my Le Petit Poulet blog. So feel free to stop in and say hello!


Annemarie said...

I want to be first on the list to find out when/if you'll be back.

Morgan Koji said...

I can't wait for you to come back!! Kirra keeps asking when she can get her pictures taken. Also, we have new one on the way! Please, Please, Please let me know when you will be back!

Colette said...

You sweetheart.
What a good lookin man you have. Good work my friend and you take as long as you need.
However you tell beautiful annemarie that I will let her be first in line if I will be second.
Take care